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Kiril Poibrenski
Charlotte, North Carolina

We currently breed 

Congo African Greys-$1995- SOLD

Timneh African Greys-$1795-SOLD

Eclectus-$1595- SOLD

Blue Front Amazons-$1495 -SOLD

Blue & Gold Macaws-$1695-SOLD

Scarlet Macaws-$1795-SOLD

Greenwing Macaws-$1995-SOLD

Double Yellow Headed Amazons-$1795-SOLD

Umbrella Cockatoos-$1695-SOLD

Sun Conures-$595-SOLD

Normal Green Quakers-$295- SOLD

Blue Quakers-$445-SOLD

Albino and Blue Indian Ringnecks-$495-SOLD

Yellow Nape Amazons-$1795-SOLD 

Rose Breasted Cockatoos-$1795-SOLD 

Moluccan Cockatoos-$1995-SOLD 

Goffin Cockatoo-$1495-SOLD

Cockatiels-$195 -SOLD

Green Cheek Conure -$295 -SOLD

 Alexandrine Ringneck - $895 - SOLD

I ship with Delta Pets- the flat rate shipping charge is $150
Crate included in the price.

Please , call us at704-728-9971 for 
most current availability or 
visit the "Birds4Sale" page

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This page was last updated: January 10, 2017
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