Blue Front  Amazons
The Blue Front Amazon makes an excellent pet. They are animated and  playful and have a great talent for talking. They have softer, quieter voices than the Yellow Napes and Double Yellow Heads, and are wonderfully steady companions. Unlike the Yellow Crown varieties, the Blue Front shows almost all of their adult coloration with the first set of feathers.
Blue Front Amazons are ranked number 3 in speaking ability of all captive bred Amazons, but are definitely ranked number 1 in beauty and personality.

Blue Fronts are brilliant green, with yellow heads that in some can extend down to the shoulders. Their sky blue is a thin band just over the top of the beak. They have yellow and red at the bends of their shoulders.

Blue Fronts top the charts in personality. They are usually seen hanging from a toy while singing their favorite song. They are extremely intelligent and will spend hours trying to untie every knot in a toy.

When it comes to food, Blue Fronts love to eat. They are never picky and will welcome new foods readily. As with any bird to get them to eat all sorts of food, they need to be started young.

When choosing a cage for a Blue Front, it should be at least 24" by 24", if you can accommodate it you may consider a 24" by 36" to allow for extra perches and toys.

If you are in the market for a really fun pet that will liven up any household consider owning the Pavarotti of the bird world, the Blue Front Amazon.

Length: 13 - 17 inches. The feathers of the blue front is generally bright green to olive-greenand are edged with black. Forehead of the blue front is just that: blue. Their head and face are yellow.

The yellow may be washed with blue and green down the cheeks. Shoulders vary between the species.
Wings: Primaries dark green to dark gray with a bluish shine at the outer web, the secondaries have a red mark. The red band in the tail and the red marks of the secondaries join into a red semicircle when the bird is "on display" with a spread tail. There is a great variation in colors between individual blue front amazons. Their beak is black, and legs are gray. Their iris is red-orange.

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