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On the First Day

God created the Parrot

On the Second Day

God created Man to Serve the Parrot

On the Third Day

God created all the vegetables and nuts on the earth to serve a potential food for the

Parrot, IF he liked them

On the Fourth Day

God created honest toil so that man could labor for the good of the Parrot

On the Fifth Day

God created trees and branches and cables and ropes so that the Parrot could chew

them through

On the Sixth Day

God created Veterinary Science to keep the Parrot healthy

On the Seventh Day

God tried to rest, But he had to clean the Parrot cage
Eclectus are one of my favorite family birds. They develop a very animated, charming personality and generally participate with all members of the family and friends and seem to enjoy being with well behaved, active, entertaining children.

Eclectus can be very talented talkers, speaking clearly and distinctly. If taught to speak they will entertain you spontaneously with a hysterical monologue of every phrase they know, complete with inflections and melodious tones that they come up with all by themselves.

Male or female? This is the best of all worlds in that you can choose between eight birds and still have an Eclectus. There are a variety of nuances between the sub species in temperaments, and the choices between the sexes.

Many believe that the female is the more outgoing of the sexes and the male is the gentler. There certainly is a marked difference between the two, but both can be playful and both can be gentle. Like children from the same family, each is different and each brings their own personality to the mix.

The colors of the females and her clownish nature are too irresistible. Females tend to be more out going, less reserved and more playful. They seem to enjoy more active play than the males and do well with adult families and older busier children. You might say the female Eclectus wants to help you do your activity and the male wants to observe you do your activity. Of course every bird is different but this is sort of the basic differences I have found in the personalities of the sexes.

Eclectus are very intelligent parrots. Most owners are astounded when their Eclectus makes up sentences appropriate to the situation in their very human voices. Eclectus usually develop a very strong relationship with their owner. Establishing a strong rapport with your Eclectus reinforces their outstanding speaking abilities.                     

Since the Eclectus is known to have the speech capabilities among the best in the parrot world, if you are a good tutor your bird can develop a repertoire of sentences which, when interacted, will give the impression that they are carrying on a conversational dialogue with you.

Eclectus do not need to groom one as other birds do because of the difference in their feather structure, thus it is very important that they be held, petted and scratched all over as babies to help develop the desire to be petted.

Even an Eclectus that has not learned to enjoy being petted will want your attention and company. They enjoy snuggling with you as you relax or running around with you as you do chores. They love and need stimulation. Many Eclectus accompany their owners horse back riding, hiking, biking, collecting rocks, dining out, and just doing house work.

Every bird should have a cage to rest in where he or she feels safe and familiar. This is a place of security, not to be used as a place for neglect or punishment. Having a perch or play stand away from the cage area where your Eclectus can watch the activities of the house without risking being stepped on, or being in the way, is highly recommended.

Since Eclectus do not destroy their cages they do not need cages made out of heavy gauge wire. You can get a larger, lighter weight wire cage for the same price as a smaller heavy gauge cage. Many Eclectus owners cannot rest until they have a pair of Eclectus to make their lives more colorful and interesting so you may want to get a cage large enough for two Eclectus just in case.

More space is always desirable. After all, where are all those toys going to go? An enclosure 36" H x 20" W x 20" D is sufficient for one Eclectus and a 48" H 36" W x 20" D is good for two Eclectus pets.

Learn as much as you can about caring for birds and you will have a friend for about a half century. Remember to keep all birds away from dangerous chemicals, poisonous plants, zinc toys and products with zinc, or toys they can get caught in or hang themselves on. Watch that they don’t get under foot, especially when you have company, and check for openings in your home when they are out so they can’t get spooked and fly away. The more you learn the more about birds the more you will enjoy your feathered five year old.

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